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[audio]Eucci&Co - gdbodycount [rive024] - Eucci & Co
{ Initial Liner Notes, April 2003 } A new entry in the gdX series, compiled with the high range of the reported civilian body count in the Iraq War of 2003 was tabulated at 1904. The compiling and remixing of the tracks (all of which originate around a single guitar chord by my tv wife) took the better part of an afternoon. Between the time of the track naming and the time this is posted, the high range on the body count is up to 1939...
Keywords: Ambient; Noise
Downloads: 4,491
[audio]Eucci - Bright Lights and Cold Wet Sand [rive029] - Eucci
Heartache? Nostalgia? Unintended sessions open old tapes and ideas in this quiet feature length release where even tape hiss becomes an instrument. Featuring the North Rutherford Chamber Society (friends of the ELW and participants in Fay Marcy's Rapid Composure Series), Sackcloth and Ashes, and a reconstructed moment from the unfinished radio play sessions, Piano Rose. "October Flake Eyes" was described by one listener as "near the four most beautiful minutes of my life".
Keywords: Ambient; Electroacoustic; Minimalism; 20th Century Classical
Downloads: 3,456
[audio]Eucci - Tied You Up, Placed in Tube (2nd ed.) [rive027] - Eucci
1.Tape and reels on public display of bound girl. 2.Scar Scar / Feed Circuit
Keywords: Noise; Electroacoustic
Downloads: 3,404
[audio]aodl - Southbound Blanket [rive036] - aodl
For a season of sunsets, glass, rocks, skin, and whiskey. Big noise summer fun from the hard bodies in the sun baked concrete+iron playpen known as West Meredith's.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 2,156
[audio]Eucci - La Mer / Storm Summer Girls [rive028] - Eucci
Eucci's tiny sounds take us to the beach - three beaches in fact - and then into the mountains for three variations on a summer storm. Rain, sun, piers, lakes, joy, sea, nostalgia, and longing sink and sing beneath the currents. Remastered, January 2011
Keywords: Mechanical; Nature; Electroacoustic; Minimalism
Downloads: 1,903
[audio]ELW - New York ELW 1999 [rive022] - ELW078
Treasured favorites of the ELW's New York recordings. Summertime trips to airplane hangers on Long Island for reverb / feedback purposes to the chilled electric atmosphere around Murray Hill on a full moon Winter solstice night.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 1,752
[audio]Eucci - Kate Cheuffer Stripped Bare [rive023] - Eucci
1.installation dumps for the kate cheuffer music conservatory
Keywords: Microsound; Minimalism
Downloads: 1,680
[audio]Eucci - Raw Cotton [rive051] - Eucci
Leftover raw materials that never turned into finished products of their own. Real instruments, heavily modified field recordings, generated sounds, series and transformations, and unknown abuses. 'Raw Cotton' offers a glimpse into some of the raw production processes and previously uncollected thoughts and designs. Undated material, 2000-2005. Collected and remastered at Eucci Pierpont, late 2005.
Keywords: Electroacoustic; Minimalism; Improv; Clicks+Cuts; tape collage; Process
Downloads: 1,421 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Eucci - Industrie (2nd ed.) [rive021] - Eucci
2nd edition of this release. A very quiet day in a northeastern town - small factories, piano lessons, lakes and personal aircraft.
Keywords: Microsound
Downloads: 1,419
[audio]ELW/EUCCI - Still Cooler Muse [rive026] - ELW/EUCCI
{ ELW, tracks 1-3 } Recorded May 1999. '05 10' and '05 09' part of the four night audiotactilerotica series. Analog performances by Jeffrey Shell and Cybele Roland. Joined on 05 09 for the first time by Elwe Sandoval. All recordings are excerpts from longer performances. { Eucci, tracks 4+5 } Bootlegged by artist onto minidisc during 2001 appearances at the once/twice festival of sound and at earational 2001, respectively...
Keywords: Noise; Electroacoustic; Loud/noise
Downloads: 1,417
[audio]Eucci - Strawhill / UDD [rive020] - Eucci
The Strawhill Variations, based on "Strawhill and Strawjob" by J.Shell and Fay Marcy for Eucci. Bare elements stripped and combed to hit. "UDD" (Conswala,Buzzl), originally commissioned for Kate Cheuffer's "Projects for Prisons" (2002), subterranean recordings, found tape, and the luxury of sleeping on bare cold steel.
Keywords: Mechanical; Microsound; Isolationism; Minimalism; Clicks+Cuts
Downloads: 1,148
[audio]aodl - Cleavage Steamer [rive040] - aodl
Physical contact, metals, synths, knobs, voices, bondage tape, switches. Searing highs and grumbling lows mark the waves of summer and nasty surprises left behind.
Keywords: Noise; tape collage
Downloads: 1,144 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]aodl - Tangle Strangle [rive048] - aodl
The hazy taste and phase of bad bootlegs, 'Tangle Strangle' is a collection of edited bootlegs, self and audience recorded, of AODL performances between November 2004 and August 2005. Murky and phased, the dust and tequila and shady electrical system of the metal shop seem to linger around the tape and minidisc sources used.
Keywords: noise; live; bootleg
Downloads: 1,128
[audio]My TV Wife - My TV Wife's First Assault [rive037] - My TV Wife
1995 studio recordings of the first incarnation of the My TV Wife band. Rough and bawdy acoustic guitars, basses, percussion, and other instruments. "Recorded on our backs" they say.
Keywords: Acoustic; Free Jazz
Downloads: 1,092
[audio]Eucci - The Mercer [rive045] - Eucci
Gritty environmental recordings. Cities, inner spaces, pianos, and sparse electronics fill out an intimate atmosphere of longing, memory, and aesthetic perfection.
Keywords: 20th Century Classical; Field recording; tape collage; Minimalism; New York; solo piano
Downloads: 1,084 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]aodl - Bach Spring [rive044] - aodl
Junk electroacoustics. Industrial springs, nails, bowed and scraped metals, and a small collection of electronics and modules are used in a subtle double layered performance.
Keywords: Noise; Electroacoustic; Minimalism
Downloads: 946
[audio]The Audio ELW - Sleeper #4721 [rive054] - The Audio ELW
Up one path and down the other. Four tracks by Jeff Shell and Cybele Roland for The Audio ELW, recorded late 1999. "Resurrection Restraint" recombines the soundtracks for the Unusual Restraint paintings and may be seen as a precursor to Eucci with its sparse analog production. "Sleeper #4721" is exactly what it says it is, with a bonus trip to the market. "A Misaligned Coil" and "A Violent Compression" basically untouched from their appearance on the long gone album "The Earth Shrunk On Speed"...
Keywords: field recordings; low power electronics; analog; minimalism; musique concrete; electroacoustic
Downloads: 924
[audio]aodl - Scratch Point [rive043] - aodl
harsh and aggressive walls of noise.
Keywords: Noise; Contraptions; Performance Art; noise; Noise
Downloads: 893
[audio]aodl - Scrap Lucky [rive035] - aodl
New big noise material from the Redbox year.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 890
[audio]My TV Wife - Knows Too Much [rive038] - My TV Wife
Guitars and tape collage / manipulation is deployed across two large electroacoustic soundscapes covering six years of life in the Halo District. Dirty and gritty. Heavy electric guitars jump out of the minimalist slow moving static of "Finely Dressed but Dirty."
Keywords: Lo-Fi; Electroacoustic; tape collage; Noise Rock
Downloads: 847
[audio]Eucci - Catalog Life [rive047] - Eucci
Scenes from a life that inspired a summer catalog collection. Jeff Shell's Eucci brings banjo, rhodes, aggressive leads, and more and runs it through the minimalist musique concrete tape machine, bringing a cut up and softly distorted sound to faintly recognizable objects and a touch of bluegrass. Percussion, pops, and dusty instruments swarm around your ears like summer dreams in urban parks. Banjo by Kate Cheuffer Remastered and re-encoded by Sunhil, November 2009
Keywords: Banjo Tune; Minimalism; Broken Beats; Tape Collage; Bluegrass; Musique concrete
Downloads: 768 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]aodl - Sin, Salt, and Gin [rive042] - aodl
A new seasonal single of searing shrieking screaming rumbling power electronics. Autumn punch.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 746
[audio]Eucci - Tah'naer (Halo and LGL Variations) [rive046] - Eucci
Piano, prepared electric piano and tape variations of "tah'naer", a composition for piano, hospital, and typewriters by J.Shell. tah'naer: Jeff Shell (Scream Sheet Studios, 1995) Halo Variation: Fay Marcy (Halo Auditorium, 1999) LGL Variation: Jeff Shell for Eucci (Eucci Pierpont 2005) Halo + LGL Variations: Jeff Shell (Eucci Pierpont 2005)
Keywords: Mechanical; 20th Century Classical; tape collage; Minimalism; Musique Concrete
Downloads: 592
[audio]Eucci - Dirty Modern Tapes, Fall 2007 [rive052] - Eucci
The stylistic expansion and exploration started in Eucci's "Storm Summer Sunhill" continues with jazz and breakcore joining a near classical collection of analog / electro-acoustic bursts of flavor. The heavy use of tape in recording and assembling the final product yields a warm and gritty sound. Dirty modern indeed. "Terminal Five, Sunrise" by Jeff Shell for Eucci, recorded at Eucci Sunhill, Summer 2007...
Keywords: breakcore; drum and bass; jazz; electroacoustic; 20th century classical; avant garde; lo-fi
Downloads: 564
[audio]Eucci - LGL Winter [rive053] - Eucci
Another Eucci travel piece - "Finest wintertime desolation - our favorite summertime town in winter, with summer houses empty and fields, marshes, and water's edges replaced by snow and ice. Underneath bare skies where the smallest sounds carry on for miles and miles. Almost an entirely different place, with such a strong and contrasting beauty compared to the heights of the summer season." Built from field recordings at LGL Point, captured by Jeff Shell, Cybele Roland, and Kate Cheuffer for Euc...
Keywords: minimalism; electroacoustic; musique concrete; field recordings; microsound; winter; drone; frigid; desolation
Downloads: 476 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Eucci - Lemonal [rive062] - Eucci
After the subterranean claustrophobia installations have been put away and the champagne epics have ended, Eucci returns with a fresh fuzzy electronic beatfilled beast. Throbbing basses, punchy kicks, dreamy rhodes, scintillating thumb pianos, humming organs, and melted scattered drums all contribute to this fine piece in the unofficial line of Ofiliasc [rive056], Dirty Modern Tapes [rive052], and Storm Summer Sunhill [notype 105]...
Keywords: minimal; minimal techno; idm; house; minimalism; detroit; dub; chill; ambient
Downloads: 358
[audio]Eucci - Table Stories [rive050] - Eucci
Blips, bleeps, horns, banks, scratches, and occasional environmental sounds make up this installation recording of the Eucci 'Table Stories' composition. Straightforward electroacoustic with a touch of musique concrete. For Mark and Lee.
Keywords: Avantgarde; Minimalism; 20th Century Classical; Electroacoustic; Musique concrete
Downloads: 323 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Eucci - More of the Ocean [rive049] - Eucci
Bowed and sustained high tones with finest percussive bursts.
Keywords: Minimalism; Isolationism; Process
Downloads: 279
[audio]Eucci - The Mercer Installation [rive059] - Eucci
Finest curated performance and installation piece for what still should have been our Saturday, recorded on site for exhibition. "The Mercer Installation" is a new subterranean rendering of "The Mercer [rive045]" for The KCMC Spring/Summer Collection 2011. "The tension of strings, the shifting of plates, a hint of piano and shortwave broadcasts. While in the room I thought I heard the choirs of Kilauea and felt the dread of old city tunnels." - RF
Keywords: Installation; Dark Ambient; Earth Ambient; Tectonic; Minimalism; Prepared Piano; Tripwires; Subterranean
Downloads: 238
[audio]Eucci - Last of the Champagne Epics [rive060] - Eucci
It started as a variation on variation 18 on a theme of Paganini, starting Summer 2010. For the following year, Jeffrey Shell, Kate Cheuffer, and Fay Marcy passed their own variations around. Theme of a variation for three players, two pianos, and a continental divide. Recorded Summer 2010-Summer 2011, KCMC + Eucci Sunhil.
Keywords: piano; champagne music; paganini; 20th century classical; minimalism; piano; prepared piano; minimal
Downloads: 192
[audio]Eucci - Ofiliasc [rive056] - Eucci
Glitched out minimal techno.
Keywords: glitch; minimal; minimal techno; idm; house; minimalism; clicks+cuts
Downloads: 187
[audio]aodl - Wanted Valley [rive061] - aodl
Throbs and metal - rich mix of analog and concrete sources in this new harsh noise release from the yodeling aodl. Worked out in preparation for and recovery from Denver Noise Fest 2011.
Keywords: harsh noise; aodl; noise; analog
Downloads: 160
[audio]Eucci - Pachyderm [rive009] - Eucci
Finest early days tape collage. Pachyderm started life in spring 1994 as the third collection of recordings, then under the name "Forgiveness", that would become Eucci and The Audio ELW. While most of the preceding recordings were generally two-layer audio collages, typically of radio or some instrument, Pachyderm broke through by building in many layers. This was done without any multitrack techniques...
Keywords: tape collage; electroacoustic; lo-fi; early works
Downloads: 131 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Eucci, envi. [rive065] - Eucci
Another luxury urban environment from those halcyon days of Luxury Spring 2004, finally seeing the light of the world as part of Eucci Year 20 (y20). All generated sounds this time, unlike "apt." An hour long bus ride through the old neighborhoods or down the canyons; an hour long meditation from high above Meredith Street; an hour for you to make your own; an hour with a silvery shower in its shuffling middle...
Keywords: ambient; Electroacoustic; Minimalism; drone; evolving; minimal; electronic; longing
Downloads: 90
[audio]Eucci - At the Jenifer St Western [rive057] - Eucci
recorded live at and in memory of the jenifer st western hotel, jun 2000 in the presence of cybele roland, elwe sandoval, arche, (hosts of the evening) all sounds processed from tape transfers of the initial murray hill field recordings by the audio elw fall/winter 1999. remastered at sunhil, autumn 2010.
Keywords: glitch; minimal; sparse
Downloads: 78
[audio]eucci_.deadscsi_.bits_[rive058] - Eucci
Eucci contributions to the online project &DeadSCSCI() rounds 1 and 2, hosted and curated by radiantslab. These words were done circa 2000-2003. DeadSCSI was a project revolving around a single sound file - a dead SCSI 3 hard drive. Stage 1 ([r][1]) was the solo effort built just using the hard drive failure. Stage 2 ([r][2]) combined one or more Stage 1 sounds. Stage 3 ([r][3]) was a final mix built upon Stage 2...
Keywords: glitch; clicks+cuts; deadscsi; ambient
Downloads: 75
[audio]Eucci, apt. [rive034] - Eucci
Six hours compressed into one. Performance for a usually [but not always] empty apartment. Ambient sounds from high above South Temple, luxury spring 2004. Mixed, mastered, and released in full for Eucci y20, January 2014. Using binaural microphones through a minidisc recorder plugged directly into the computer, I set the machine to record for 1 hour each morning over the course of one week in spring 2004, typically as I was about to leave for work...
Keywords: field recordings; minimalism; field recording; apartment; spring; luxury spring 2004; city; urban
Downloads: 65
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